Aircraft Charter

Why charter your own flight?
With an aircraft at your disposal you can:

Depart on your own timetable and leave within minutes of your arrival at the airport.
No more waiting around at airports, no more missed flights.
No flight delays
No stop overs / change overs
Flexibility to fly to your schedule
No chance of lost luggage
Convenience of landing on remote airstrips and driving your car right to the plane
You have the ability to fly to multiple destinations in one day without the inconvenience of connecting flights through a major airport, miles from where you want to be and you have the flexibility to fly to places that are not serviced by the major airlines.
Why choose Wagga Air Centre?

At Wagga Air Centre, we provide professional, efficient, cost effective and comfortable travel to any destination. Whether for business or pleasure, to large regional airports or small outback airstrips, Wagga Air Centre can take you where you want to go, when you want to go.

To book a charter flight please contact us or request a quote online.